Thursday, February 26, 2009

Model Cage

View from agency

love everything about this photo

Beware of Kitty man around corner!


Men were staring at us, so I took photo of them and they smiled really big

Stud scraper

Me and my roomie being dark

Skinny Alien dog in Modeling Agency, how appropriate.

I woke up at 7 rather than 6 this morning, hate time change.
Today was the 3rd day in the casting van. It is actually kind of nice having somebody drive you around to all your castings. Sometimes it is not so nice when there is you and 5 others speaking in Russian. Today though, was a good day. My room mate and I in the casting van exploring the city without any hassle.

Tomorrow "we go to zah party" quoting the foreign models.

My roomie from Poland cooked a really good dinner for us tonight. Man who would of thought yogurt was good with vegetables. I should have taken a picture of it, it looked as good as it tasted.

Monday, February 23, 2009

click click click

The long trip is over, well just begun. The flight went smoothly and I have a nice aparment in Osaka. Its always a scary thing traveling, expecially when its a place you have never been before and if its in Asia.
Asia is a cool place and all, but it is so extremely different than what its like at home. It is confusing, there so many people, i dont understand a damn thing besides "arigato go zi mos" and it smells funny.
It usually isnt that tough to get on the airplane and go, but this time my parents and my brother carson came along to send me off to asia land. I got a whiff of the weird smell of asia and i broke down in tears. It was a mixture of missing my good people in Iowa and knowing that I would smell that smell for the next 5 months. The good news is, my apartment smells pretty good.
My apartment is lovely and luckely I have a sweet room mate. I am so lucky to always get paired with cool people.
anyways if anybody needs anything from japan such as some mangas, opium pipe etc. let me know 8D

theres no place like home

Thursday, February 19, 2009 is tasty.
Nothing compares to your mommas down home cookin. Zesty enchiladas, fresh salads, gooey cherry cobler, chocolate brownies with peanut butter chunks, fruit salad with sour cream and brown sugar dressing, just to name a few of my favorite things life has offered me this week. Hopefully my waist stays at its correct measurements or the Japanese will put me right back on that plane back home.
Any suggestions on tasty vegetarian life in Japan?