Wednesday, March 11, 2009

adventurous weekend

This weekend was quite cultural. Quite adventurous in the food category. So Osaka has two main foods they are famous for...

Takoyaki which is this fried doughy stuff with a chunk of octopus in the middle. A nice Japanese getlemen was kind enough to let my try one of these octopus balls...though I gave the octopus to Jennifer. But very inserting... we thought it would be really cool to get them without the octopus...but they dont seam to understand the concept.Some google image of girl eating octopus ball

Okonomiyaki was the next misadventure. Sure ... just fry up all your leftovers, egg, noodles, dough, salad, and whatever you want fried. hence the name. Anyway...we ate these. I am not sure we enjoyed it but we could not stop eating it. You had to actually disect was very confusing. Anthony Bourdain is crazy. How does he do what he does!?

Not to mention we found a hair in it...

The sushi was the best part of my weekend. I dont eat fish so obviously it wasnt a full on experience. Though I did enjoy tofu rools, cucumber rolls, and egg rolls. YUM. Its cute, the little plates flow by on the conveyerbelt and you just pick what you want. Quite intertaining watching squids,octopus and other own known marine life float by. Tomarrow we are going again!

I learned this week that Japanese people really do love everything to be cute. Take a look at these tedious lunches for kids...

I bet these "bento boxes" would go over well in the states!


  1. You can get takoyaki without the octopus in it! lol.

    Just have to find a place that letsyouput together your ownstuff.

    And now I want good Japanese food...

  2. the kids' lunches are cute. haha

  3. Just saw that episode of Anthony Bourdain, shiz crazy! I don't know how he does it, but you're just as adventurous! Those bento boxes are ultra kawaii! *jealous!* ^-^

  4. Omg! These are so cute!