Thursday, March 5, 2009

Japan Life

reading mangas like i know japanese

hah, i walked past this bag and did a double take andrealized there was a sad chickie

this is the crew.

Mona, if your reading, this hamburger reminded me of you. :D

ew packaged seafood

Talk about missing my puppies.

This is actually a keychain.

I've been having some crazy dreams lately. You know, the ones when your body cant move but you feel awake. I woke up thinking my brother was in the other bed and we talked and I swear he was there, but obviously thats impossible, I'm on the other side of the world.
Also in another dream, I wanted to be a teddy bear doctor. Considering it?


  1. hahaha, a teddy bear doctor!?
    that's be soo cute and sad at the same time.

    have fun for me in the most amazing place ever!!

    yay asians!
    and brea peck!! [=

  2. Those are some odd dreams .

    You could always go work in a build-a-bear!

    Thats teddy bear doctor-ish? ... lol

  3. We could totally do the teddy bear doctor thing! Also, that keychain would never get lost in your purse The pug is adorableeeee!1!11

  4. the only manga i recongnize of the ones i can see is the Death Note Manga to the lower Right of the picture about 1 row down from your eye level and all the way to the right on that row there is a blackish book with a bit of gold with a picture of Light Yagami on it. At least i think it's Death Note.